2019 K-1 Basketball League SESSION 1 (CHANGES MADE)

Posted Oct 17, 2015

The K-1 League Registration is once again open. After having to turn away 15+ players over the past few days, we have decided to offer a solution that does not compromise the league and/or what we intend it to be. Our #1 goal is to give players an organized, fun experience, and we believe our solution will do just that. However, we also realize that everyone will have to compromise a little bit. 

Our greatest issues with the league is keeping our team numbers low enough that 1) players will be able to get maximum playing time; 2) we can keep the young kids focused (which is the most difficult part of running a league with PreK, K, and 1st graders); and 3) we do not take more gym time away from HS teams.   

Therefore, our solution is this:

1) We will create SIX teams in each division (instead of four like in the past). By doing this, this allows our team numbers to remain under 10 and will give players max playing time during the games. 

2) We will run each game based on a set schedule that is set before the season begins. We will run the new league schedule like this: 

9:00-9:45 AM Four PreK/K teams

9:45-10:30 AM Two PreK/K teams AND Two 1st Grade teams

10:30-11:15 AM Four 1st Grade teams

*This change will cut down our initial schedule by 15 minutes. Although this is not ideal, it allows more players to participate then initially we had planned. Simply put, we have never had this much interest in the K-1 league, and it was clear that we needed to be flexible to ensure that all TW players can experience basketball this session. As I mentioned before, our main goal is to offer an organized, fun experience for each player; and this solution will still offer that for each player in our league. 

As November nears, we will send a game/team schedule for each player. We appreciate everyone being flexible as we continue to grow basketball at Tri-West.  

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.